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 The concept of Radionics is very scientific but here is a very simple explanation in laymen’s terms. You must first understand the concept that chi or life force energy is needed to make anything materialize or manifest onto the physical realm. Over the course of history, humans have generated chi (energy) or life force energy in a variety of ways, Including using Highly charged emotions, chanting, prayer, focused thoughts and even animal sacrifices. These have been some of the ways that humans have generated this very necessary component (life force energy/chi energy) to successfully obtain the things and experiences that they have desired.
However, these ways of generating chi (energy) or life force energy are very limiting because there is no way to have a constant, uninterrupted flow of life force energy using these ancient methods of generating energy. Someone could chant, pray, focus their thoughts, etc to generate life force energy but the moment they stop chanting, praying or focusing their thoughts the life force energy stops being generated and sent to their desired outcome or goal.
Here is where Radionics comes into play. Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of the Chi Generator and all of the devices on our website, has made it possible to have an uninterrupted flow of powerful chi energy, also known as life force energy.  Orgonite, invented by Karl Hans Welz, is a type of chi energy that is generated on the inside of the RADionic machines. These devices generate and ongoing supply of Orgonite energy. They also distributes or gives off a constant stream of Orgonite (a very powerful type of chi energy). Naturally, the most powerful Radionics devices are the ones created by Karl Hans Welz, as he is the original and true inventor of the Chi Generator and Orgonite energy.
Now, are you naturally beginning to see the major advantage in owning your own device? Are you beginning to see how it can help you manifest your desires and wants? Are you aware that the average person knows absolutely nothing about Radionics devices?
Order your RADionics machine today and partner with it to materialize the things and experiences you want into your reality. So while you are sleeping, eating, working, playing interacting with family and friends your device can be working on your behalf to assist you in creating the life and experiences that you want. Don’t delay your wants any longer. Place your order and have one of our devices sent to you right away!!
A complete manual will be included in the purchase of any of our devices.. it will go into more detail and explanation of how to use it.
How will using our radionic machines improve your life and bring your dreams into reality?
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 Hi, I just want to thank Mr.Hanz for such an Incredible machine.
He's brilliant! I went from lonely to engaged in 3 months.
Tim,   NY

I had to move unexpectedly to a new city with no connections or job contacts. My first weekend in the city I set the intention on my RAD 1000 to get a job very quickly. I spent the entire weekend applying for jobs online. On Monday morning I started receiving emails and calls from employers wanting to interview me. I am so thankful for my RAD 1000. It has really sped up the time it normally takes to reach and achieve my goals.   EJ Kissimmee, FL
 The first time I used my RAD 1000 I had been waiting almost a month to receive a paycheck that was owed to me by my previous employer. I had contacted the employer a couple of times about sending me my check. I was told that it was in the mail. After 3 weeks of waiting for my check my RAD 1000 came in the mail. I immediately created a trend to receive my paycheck. Thankfully, I received my check about 4 days after putting this request on my RAD 1000. The owner’s assistant personally called me and guaranteed me that she would make sure that I received my check.. She even gave me the option to pick the check up from the owner’s house or have it mailed to me. I was very pleased with the results of my first experience of my RAD 1000. I really don’t think it would have received my check that quickly had it not been for my RAD 1000.        JF Charlotte,NC